Technical yarns

Drawn through bushings at high speed, textile glass is a glass obtained in a melting process and assembled to make a thread consisting of up to a thousand filaments. The individual filament diameter is defined in micrometers (µm). High tensile strength, minimal dilation and very low density are the special features which result in extremely favorable strength and elasticity compared with other materials:

-extremely good thermal and electrical insulation

-resistance to most acids, oils, fats and solvents

-noncombustible, temperature resistant

-not hazardous to health

The E-glass fiber is one of the most widespread and therefore the most important type of glass fiber. It is made of approx. 55 % SiO2 and is particularly suitable for electrical applications and thermal insulation up to approx. 500 °C (932 °F). It is also important as a reinforcement fiber in composite materials.


Our yarn processing plants are designed of making up to 10-ply yarns based on all common glass yarns (E-glass, S2-glass, ECR-glass). Combinations with other materials such as aramid, steel, PES etc. are possible according to individual customer's specifications.

Culimeta yarn processing plants: Culimeta Mölln, Culimeta Baltics, Tissafil


According to customer's needs, single, parallel and effect texturized glass yarns from a range of 70 – 5.000 tex are produced in an air injection process. Texturized & voluminized glass yarns can store larger quantities of air to provide better insulation properties than single yarns. Culimeta texturized & voluminized glass yarns can be offered with and without overspray.

Culimeta texturizing plants: Culimeta Mölln, Culimeta Baltics


Our plied, texturized and voluminized glass yarns can be used to manufacture architectural, decorative, insulating, heat, sun & fire protection fabrics, insulation hoses and knitted goods. PTFE coated and reinforced sewing threads are used in filtration applications.

For further information, please refer to the following download brochure "FACTS Yarn Processing".

This PDF contains information for the following product lines:

- textile glass plied yarns

- texturized glass yarns

- sewing threads

- colored/dyed glass yarns 


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