Gaskets for fireplaces and other applications

Our standard products cover a spectrum of types and variations of gaskets. However, we specialized in the development and production of customer specified designs. Ready-made solutions are an often requested service we provide. When it comes to threads and texturized yarns we can ensure the high Culimeta quality standards in all raw materials used, since our production is completely self-sufficient.


Culimeta is global leading industry supplier in the field of gaskets for fireplaces, as well as door and window seals for industrial-, stove- and heating boiler constructions. Our products are used worldwide for painting as well as drying plants, brickworks, clinker plants and in the household appliance industry. 

In the following you will find important information on our product range "Gaskets" (see publications "FACTS: GASKETS" below): 


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VitriGasket (DE/EN) - 2018
Broschüre für den Produktbereich DICHTUNGEN / Brochure for the product line GASKETS

VitriGasket (FR/IT) - 2018
Brochure pour la gamme de produits JOINTS / Brochure per l'area prodotti GUARNIZIONI